Advantages Of Using Fiber Optic Network


Though fiber optic network is not completely new to the world, but it has really changed the way how data transmission is carried out. Till now we were aware about metal wires for connectivity but fiber optic cables make the use of light waves instead of metal cables. Knowing this does not make one excited at all. Well, there are several reasons why people are so amazed at the thoughts of some cables?

Fiber optic network is based on fiber optics that is not mere cables with all the conventional transmission speeds and pitfalls. These cables do not transmit normal signal messages. Rather, they carry light waves as signals. Due to this, the quality of the signal is simply outstanding. The security factor of such a signal is superb. The speed of communication is exactly the same as light, because the signal is nothing but light waves.

As fiber optics enjoys high immunity to interference, it is able to ensure excellent signal quality. A normal cable does not have adequate bandwidth to protect against multiple signals being carried over the same channel. Moreover, external signals interfere with signals carried over more ordinary cables. However, in case of fiber optics, this is not a problem.

Light-based carrying of information results into incredible speed: Optical fibers carry the signal as light rays. Light is appropriately modulated and encoded to transmit the communication message packets. The speed of data transmission is fantastic – it is almost as fast as the speed of light. This makes it perfect for Internet and television channel signals.

Several new technologies in this domain those are more smart and effective. One such example is Air Blow Fiber which is more sturdy, durable, and most importantly effective.


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