Why Micronet Micro Cables Are Really Effective?

In today’s dynamic world environment, internet has become the cornerstone of all information sharing platforms. And it is the effectiveness of network infrastructure which makes high speed data transfer really feasible. There are several elements of a network system that play a vital role in the entire process. Micro cables are one of them and Micronet is undoubtedly the most renowned name in this sector. Let’s know why.


Based on a slim loose tube design, Micro net fiber optic micro cables can hold up to eight tubes per cable. It sets the ground for mid-span access. The cable is an ideal solution for long-distance, air blown setups in micro ducts, with an inner diameter of as little as 8mm. The cable boasts of amazing bend performance and tremendously wide operational temperature range.

When it comes to security, these cables are designed with inner protective tubes made of a unique Poly amide compound. This way, they have extra strength along with other features such as extreme temperature resistance.

The exclusive cable design with a drawn-out operational temperature range of -45 to +70°C makes it feasible for use in various environments, on all continents where heat and cold are often a big concern. Micro cables from 12 to 96 fibers consist of up to 12 loose tubes with 12 fibers per tubes. Their supreme resistance to adverse components makes them the most sought after element for high speed data transfer network systems. These cables are categorized by upgraded environmental properties and state of the art installation performance.


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