AMHERST PHOTONICS – A Better Way to Deploy Fiber Optic Networks

In a partnership with the Hexatronic Group AB, AMHERST PHOTONICS do designing, delivery and offering of product solutions within the area of Fiber Optic with an emphasis on the communication networks of FTTx broadband for network owners, telecom operators, utility, installation and enterprise companies in US with its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Jointly they form the core of an intelligent network solution which shortens construction schedules by improving network quality and simplifying provisions. A wide network of skillful sales professionals of Amherst serves the key territories across United States along with the product information, system designing and construction services.

Advantages ofthe Fiber Optic Solutions

A wide range of solutions is provided by Amherst and Hexatronic according to needs of the customers. The solutions include Ribbonet or air blown fiber system, Micronet or micro cable system, Local Site Cabling, Central Office related equipment, Fiber Transport Network and even Submarine Cable Systems. The air blown fiber solutions help reducing both time and cost of installation by the help of simpler and quicker techniques to install fiber and cables. The Micronet system is formed of micro cables, dust joints, micro ducts and other accessories. Being an alternative to micro-cables, it is used in feeder and distribution networks.


In spite of the limited space in the multi dwelling units or apartment blocks, the Ribbonet air blown system has made it possible to use the existing pathways and risers starting from the basement to the apartments and offer smooth installation also without additional splices of fiber and expensive core drilling.


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