A Brief Summary about Micronet

Photonics is the study to generate, manipulate and detect light through transmission, emission, modulation, signal processing, detection and amplification. Nowadays, there are many companies which deal with photonics.

These companies deliver and offer various designs and product solutions which focus on broadband communication networks and fiber optic areas. These companies have their own network owners, telecomm owners and utility owners. They are also sales distribution partner for many other companies.


The optic cable fiber to home provided by them, are usually made using Hexatronic air blown fiber technology. Hexatronic micronet is used as the solution as it lowers the total ownership cost up to great extent. This is done by shortening time for revenue, eliminating connection points and splice. Therefore, this helps in reducing the OSP materials.

Micronet is a cost effective and flexible cabling system to install optical fibers in access networks. It delivers capability to user needs as well as bandwidth capability. Micronet always tries to create network according to demanding applications. It gives cost efficient maintenance and roll-out. It creates the opportunity to new users for broadband penetration.


Benefits of Micronet

There are many benefits of micronet. They provide excellent band performance and highly robust in nature.  It also gives trouble free operation during operation and installation. They try to eliminate additional interstitial fillers for ease of installation. The cable transmits information in high speed.  They also provide excellent identification. The products offered by the companies have warranty of 20 years. These products are simple to maintain and tries to follow service on demand.


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