Technology Of Ftth Along With Passive Optical Network

The speed in association with broadband Internet has been increased on a yearly basis as new technologies are paving a smooth pathway. The copper local loop has remained a limiting factor with the digital subscriber line due to which moves through optical fiber runs closer to home or business helps a lot in substantial increasing of the bandwidth.


Passive Optical Network – Uses Optical Splitting Techniques

One such technology involves the usage of Passive Optical Network (PON). Such a network does not rely on routing and switching equipment from the exchange, but instead takes into usage optical splitting techniques. The only requirement is all about power both at the exchange and at customer premises.


An Active Optical Network will be taking into usage networking equipments such as routers and switches to make the decisions for routing of individual streams to their respective destinations. They take advantage of the Ethernet standards developed for being used over fiber optics. It also implies that subscribers hold a dedicated fiber connection to the home or FTTH.

Advantages of Passive Optical Network

The PON comprises of three main components in the form of Optical Line Termination, Passive Optical Coupler and Optical Network Unit. There are various advantages of a PON over other technologies. In case of a PON, more number of subscribers can be served from a single fiber from the exchange.

Also, the maintenance costs are very much low due to the fact that there is no electrical switching equipment involved in the PON. As bandwidth is shared between numbers of subscribers active on the PON, the transmission speed may vary on the basis of how much busy each subscriber is.


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