Ftth Indicates Fiber Network Connections Running From the Central Office to a Residence, or Very Small Multi-Unit Dwelling.

The biggest advantage of this technology is high internet speed whether you want to work from home or watch videos. FTTH helps people remain connected. FTTH is easy to install, support upcoming latest technologies and much better than copper lines.

The only disadvantage of having FTTH cable is the cost associated with having the cable and having it installed. Many households might not be able to afford the same.



Fiber Optic cables allow us to pass huge amounts of data on point to point links by passing light down the fiber, but for multiple broadband connections over fiber we need a way to separate the individual data streams required for each household or business. Two methods have evolved that allow us to do that, Passive Optical Networks and Active Optical Networks.

A PON (Passive Optical Network) does not rely on routing and switching equipment from the exchange, but instead uses optical splitting techniques. Power is only required in the exchange and at the customer premises.

Devices used by the companies around the USA for passive distribution of broadband data are:-

The splitter shelf comprises of a metal chassis for 19” rack mounting and fiber optic splitter devices. The optical splitters provide the uniform division of an optical signal from one or two input fiber ports to multiple output ports. The splitters are designed to meet the requirements for a wide range of fiber optic communications systems. The broadband performance makes them especially suitable for PON passive optical network FTTx networks.

The asymmetric fiber optic splitter shelf division of the signal power gives the ability to monitor or measure the transmission signal dividing the input power in a proportion of 10:90 %.

The most common use of splitter frames is for central office applications or larger distributed PON MDU sites. It is mainly intended for fiber distribution within one rack, but can conveniently be patched for longer distances using an optional interconnection patch panel. Fan out splitter modules also fits in splitter frames for central office applications.

For More: Air is Being Used as a Means to Reduce Friction Between the Microfiber Cable Jacket and the Inside Wall of the Microduct


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