Why Fiber Optic Cables Are Manadatory At Present Era To Enjoy Internet

Optical fibers carry the signal as light rays. Light is properly modulated and encoded to deliver the communication message packets. The speed of information carrying is tremendous – it is exactly as fast as light travels.

The fiber optic network signals are carried using light as the medium. As a result, hacking and breaking into the system becomes difficult. On the other hand, conventional wiring systems such as co-axial cables leak information.

The speed and performance of the fiber optic network built upon with such high-quality cables remain top-notch, independent of weather and temperature factors.

A more ordinary cable does not have sufficient bandwidth to protect against multiple signals being carried over the same channel. Also, external signals interfere with signals carried over more ordinary cables. This is never the case with fiber optic.


Ribbonet is a concept for the installation of fiber optic distribution networks in all types of buildings i. e. multi-storey apartment blocks, office blocks, or factory premises. The Ribbonet technique allows fiber ribbon to be drawn into micro-ducts by conveying them in a stream of air blown in. Ribbonet is an ideal and cost-effective way of installing a future-proof networks.

Micro ducts are tubes with an inner low friction surface that enables the installation of air blown fiber ribbons. The primary tube (micro duct) is designed to be flexible and lightweight, yet durable and easy to handle. The outer/inner diameter of the primary tube is 5/3.5 mm. To facilitate installation, micro ducts are also delivered in multi-duct bundles where several micro ducts are bound in an outer sheath. This multi-duct sheath provides protection for the assembled tubes, especially during installation.

The Ribbonet tube range includes 1-, 4-, 7-, 12- -19 and 24-way tubes for indoor use and 1-, 2-, 4-, 7-, 12-, 19- and 24-way for outdoor use. The 24-way tubes incorporate a 10/8 mm center duct to enable blowing of micro cables. Ribbonet Air Blown Fiber (ABF) consists of pre-connected air blown fiber and fiber in a pan.



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