Necessity of Using Hexatronic FTTX Cables

There are many companies which offer various product solutions in the field of fiber optics. It mainly focuses on FTTX broadband communication network for network owners, telecomm operators, installations and enterprise companies.

The Hexatronic cable consists of numerous fibers encapsulated in multi-layer, round coating which enhances the coating up to great extent. They are available in lengths from 1000 to 6000m. The maximum number of fibers that can be encapsulated in a coating is 12. The air blown fiber consists of fiber in pan and pre-connected air blown fibers.

Benefits of Using Hexatronic FTTX Cables

These companies provide Hexatronic FTTX cables which are manufactured on the basis of air blown technology. These cables form intelligent and advanced network solutions which improves quality of network up to great extent. This also simplifies provisioning and shortens construction schedules. It lowers total ownership cost by eliminating most part of connection points and splice and shortening revenue time.

UCLA Central Campus 2

Fiber optic cables are very simple to maintain and is an integral part of single supplier network. Thus, it reduces the amount of OSP materials. These companies provide experts for installing cables. They have good knowledge of the conventional methods used for cabling, splicing and network designs. They always work with customers so that they can customize the products to meet their requirements with fiber types and various connectors.

These companies are always aware of the vertical markets which get benefitted from Hexatronic cable solutions. Some of the vertical markets are hospitals, universities, municipal networks, rural broadband and residential FTTH. These companies provide 20 years of warranty for any service provided by them.

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