Fiber Optics Enabled Network System – Is A Better Way to Improve Communication

Better communication has always been a problem for the mankind. Though humans have achieved a great level of achievement in improving the communication system but it still needs improvement.

Equipments like Telephone, Land line, Mobile phones, pagers, walky-talky and other communicating devices depict the revolution in communication.

A fiber Optic Network is said to be the smartest way of communication and companies like Amherst Photonics helps organization in deployment and maintenance of such smart network.


The company manufactures the optic cables as per the usage and has given name to its each and every product.

Some of the products of Amherst Photonics are:

  1. Ribbon Net
  2. Micro Net
  3. Submarine
  4. Fiber transport network etc.

Amherst Photonics provide intelligent fiber optic system solutions to its clients.

It has tie up with a company Hexatronic Group AB to provide best solution in fiber optics field specially with a focus on FTTx broadband communication network for network owners, business enterprise, Colleges and office and telecom operators.

They basically focus on improving the broadband connectivity and so help in getting better internet connection.

They also provide solution for Optic fiber to Home and small office premises.

They also provide office and home equipments which are easy to install. These equipments are as follow:

  1. Equipment Rack System
  2. Optical Distribution frames
  3. Patchcord, Pigtails and Cable Assemblies
  4. Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices
  5. Fiber optic Accessories

Using these equipments you can easily enhance the network capability of your office network.

High internet connectivity and non interrupted network has always been a big problem to deal with but now companies like Amherst Photonics have simplified many of those problems.

The company has designed the FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) network keeping in mind to reduce the deployment cost and increase the network quality.

The certain features of FTTH are as follows:

  1. It is scalable
  2. It is quick and easy to install
  3. Number of fibers in a compact cable
  4. They are air blown drop cable

The enhancement of network system is now not a big problem if company like Amherst Photonics is there to give its clients and customers cost cutting simplified solution for it.

The most amazing thing associated with them is their customer centric approach which has made them people’s first choice when it comes on network and connectivity enhancement.

Even they don’t compromise with the quality of network parts they use while installing the network.



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