Different Types of Fiber Optic Cables and Passive Optical Network in Telecommunication

Optical fiber cable is nothing but is used for fiber optic communication which is transmitted light between the two ends of the fiber where the communication can be done for a longer distance which is compared to the wire cables. It is mainly used in the field of telecommunication and computer networking by which they can produce the high speed and performance.


There are different types of fiber optic cable which are

  • OFC (Optic fiber, conductive),
  • OFN (Optic fiber, nonconductive),
  • OFCG (Optic fiber, conductive, general use),
  • OFNG (Optic fiber, nonconductive, general use),
  • OFCP (Optic fiber, conductive, plenum),
  • OFNP (Optic fiber, nonconductive, plenum),
  • OFCR (Optic fiber, conductive, riser),
  • OFNR (Optic fiber, nonconductive, riser),
  • OPGW (Optic fiber, composite overhead ground wire)
  • ADSS (All-Dielectric Self supporting)

The material used in the fiber optic cables is plastic and glass. Plastic fiber is used for short range of communication, whereas glass fiber is used for medium and long range of telecommunication.


Passive Optical Network (PON) is a technology used in telecommunication which is used to implement the point to a multiple point system which is used in a single optic fiber in order to serve the multiple customers. There are mainly three technologies are used which are which are APON which is ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode Passive optical network, EPON which can be elaborated as Ethernet Passive optical network and BPON or WDM is wave division multiplexing Passive optical network, these are used according to the specific technologies in the telecommunication.


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