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In today’s date people are much advanced and people make full use of the latest technologies available. Today most of the major works happen online and people widely use broadband and excellent networking systems to do their work. To complete the growing demands of excellent broadband and networking systems lot of companies came up with high tech solutions to build more advanced network and communication systems. Amherst Photonics is one of the excellent companies which provide excellent networking solutions using the latest technology available.



Excellent Network Solutions

It is an excellent company that designs, delivers and offers product solutions within the fiber optic area with a focus on FTTx broadband communication networks for various telecom operators, network owners, utility enterprises and installation companies in US. The company is merged with Hexatronic group and they together give much advanced and intelligent network solutions that shorten construction schedules, improve network quality, and even simplify provisioning at much reduced cost. They provide excellent solutions to their customers according to their need and demand. They provide products like Ribbonet systems, micro net systems, submarine systems, central office related equipments, fiber transport network installation and local site cabling.

Leading Solutions for All Utilities

They also provide excellent industry leading solutions for the unique applications like FTTH (Fiber to the home), multiple dwelling units, campus installments, enterprise networks, rural broadband, municipal networks, universities, data centers, and various electric utilities, etc. Being a partner of excellent manufacturer of fiber optic cables, duct, cabinets, etc. it drives down the total cost of ownership by accelerating construction schedules, slashing the number of splice and connection points, and decreasing the amount of OSP materials. If you too are in a need of excellent communication network and broadband systems then you can contact Amherst Photonics.


Air is Being Used as a Means to Reduce Friction Between the Microfiber Cable Jacket and the Inside Wall of the Microduct

Air Blown fiber optic is a cabling solution using glass fiber optic cables, blown through a ducting pipe. The main ducting pipe can have up to 19 micro ducts contained within it. A Coated “blow able” optical fiber is blown through a micro duct using compressed air. Carried by viscous drag, the fibers are lifted into the air stream and away from the wall of the micro duct, eliminating friction even around the tightest bends. One Fiber optic strand can carry 10 gigabytes of data every second or over 3000 telephone conversations.

Advantages to the consumers and companies providing these air blown fibers are:-

Installation in less than one day when the micro-ducts are installed

Ground work to install air blown fibers has to be done once

It’s a cost effective solution and requires simplified planning




Telecommunication carriers worldwide have come to the realization that their aging copper access infrastructure is being taxed as residential and business customers utilize ever-increasing, symmetrical bandwidth-intensive applications. The demands are being met by the deeper penetration of optical fiber in access networks and increasing deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH). As a result, FTTH is the fastest growing global broadband technology with significant deployments occurring in America.

Deployment of FTTH (fiber to the home) by the telecommunication companies in USA

FTTH (fiber to the home) is commonly deployed in two specific configurations. In the first one fiber is dedicated to each user in the access network, Point-to-point (P2P) network.  While when fiber is shared (via a power splitter) amongst a set amount of users, typically 16-32, and is a passive optical network (PON). There are advantages and disadvantages to the deployment of P2P and PON networks based on financial, bandwidth and component considerations.


The ability to maximize the fiber count while maintaining a highly compact cable clearly saves space in the ducts without compromising capacity. Up to 192 fibers can be held within one Micronet cable, while Air Blown Fiber system employs a unique design that eliminates splices while maintaining high optical performance in the network.

Get to know More About Air Blown Fiber

When it comes to decide between air blow fiber and conventional cable, engineers prefer conventional fiber as it tends to be more reliable and far less expensive to install. The term “air -blown fiber” is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Lightwave; whereas the phrase “air-blown” is used, specifically in the cost table, it relates to Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s air-blown fiber products and systems.
Originated in 1982 by British Telecom, Air blow fiber was devised to allow switching between fiber types as they evolved. British Telecom planned to house unanticipated applications by laying cable with extra space for blowing in new types of fiber.
Blown fiber is generally not developed for preconnectorized cabling. Therefore, installers connectorize the fibers on both ends once the fibers are in place. Installers also attach the blown fibers with fanouts to complete the connection, or they join pigtails into place in the blown-fiber breakfront. Over longer sitautions, there are fewer splices for blown cable than there would be for typical cable.

On the other hand, Conventional cable technology has evolved too much to the point at which some cables meet the environmental constraints of external applications as well as the flame- and smoke-redundancy requirements of interior cable. With these riser-rated cables, transition splice or connector points and their associated costs can be evaded.


And in the case of optical fiber, FTTX refers to a generic term for any kind of broadband network architecture based on optical fiber to provide services to all the end nodes.

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AMHERST PHOTONICS – A Better Way to Deploy Fiber Optic Networks

In a partnership with the Hexatronic Group AB, AMHERST PHOTONICS do designing, delivery and offering of product solutions within the area of Fiber Optic with an emphasis on the communication networks of FTTx broadband for network owners, telecom operators, utility, installation and enterprise companies in US with its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Jointly they form the core of an intelligent network solution which shortens construction schedules by improving network quality and simplifying provisions. A wide network of skillful sales professionals of Amherst serves the key territories across United States along with the product information, system designing and construction services.

Advantages ofthe Fiber Optic Solutions

A wide range of solutions is provided by Amherst and Hexatronic according to needs of the customers. The solutions include Ribbonet or air blown fiber system, Micronet or micro cable system, Local Site Cabling, Central Office related equipment, Fiber Transport Network and even Submarine Cable Systems. The air blown fiber solutions help reducing both time and cost of installation by the help of simpler and quicker techniques to install fiber and cables. The Micronet system is formed of micro cables, dust joints, micro ducts and other accessories. Being an alternative to micro-cables, it is used in feeder and distribution networks.


In spite of the limited space in the multi dwelling units or apartment blocks, the Ribbonet air blown system has made it possible to use the existing pathways and risers starting from the basement to the apartments and offer smooth installation also without additional splices of fiber and expensive core drilling.

Advantages of Selecting Fiber Optic Solutions for You Industry and Its Purpose!

Fiber optic solution is one of the best mediums for both cable upgrades and new cable installations. It includes horizontal, backbone and even desktop applications. This solution has extended its service to their providers like business office region and residential subscriber area. Now, to increase more profit, service providers are trying to attract more customers new and old and they will try to deliver strong and high bandwidth data transaction services.


Presently, FTTX is the complete technical application which can offer a rich type of services over a solo network. This is a generic term for any architecture network that applies optical fiber, which may come in several varieties. It does not only provide bandwidth of large pipe to create the user fast surf the net, download easily movies or videos or transfer the file from one place to another quickly.


If you will use this solution, then you can able to track and keep information updated, it can also help Faster and more secured electrical support and transaction on line, Increasing the security of personal home or community with video surveillance, Interactive video entertainment in high definition, etc.  And in the rural area, using of the Ribbonet technology system, it will surely decrease the value of the product if the resources and it will also assist to reduce the installation time. It offers high reliability and high performance, even in the rural areas, it delivers a quality assurance for the strong network and make sure its market value and future utilization.  So, choose a best manufacturer or Arial fiber optic solution provider for your business or personal uses.

Advantages Of Using Fiber Optic Network


Though fiber optic network is not completely new to the world, but it has really changed the way how data transmission is carried out. Till now we were aware about metal wires for connectivity but fiber optic cables make the use of light waves instead of metal cables. Knowing this does not make one excited at all. Well, there are several reasons why people are so amazed at the thoughts of some cables?

Fiber optic network is based on fiber optics that is not mere cables with all the conventional transmission speeds and pitfalls. These cables do not transmit normal signal messages. Rather, they carry light waves as signals. Due to this, the quality of the signal is simply outstanding. The security factor of such a signal is superb. The speed of communication is exactly the same as light, because the signal is nothing but light waves. Continue reading